Walking with Llamas on the Jurassic Coast

Our Llama Walks And Experiences


Peak Hill Llamas are delighted to be able to offer the following selection of light hearted llama experiences:and guided walks. All our walks are conducted very much at “llama pace” (not very fast!) as the llamas like to walk slowly and stop from time to time to admire the scenery and have a munch on the hedges!

Family and group rates are available for all our walks and experiences – please contact us with the size of your family or group and which type of walk or experience you'd like and we will be happy to work out a family or group rate for you.

a) Experiences

1) Meet & Greet Experience – spend around an hour getting to know our friendly llamas with choice of fun activities including grooming, clicker training,“llama agility”, feeding or a short walk. This experience is ideal for those not wishing to walk too far and is not weather dependent.

Cost: 25 per person

2) Meet & Greet “Plus" Experience - a Meet & Greet Experience as above, followed by a chance to watch the llamas from our Llama-lookout gazebo whilst enjoying a selection of cakes and hot drinks.

Cost: 30 per person

3) Half-day Llama Experience

Our half-day experience lasts around three and a half hours, including a break for a selection of pastries and cakes with hot drinks, and offers a more in-depth experience and a chance to learn more about llamas. Available either in the morning starting at 9.30 am or afternoon starting at 2.00 pm, there are a range of activities on offer including making up feeds, feeding, grooming, clicker training and agility as well as a walk.

Cost: 65 per person

b) Walks

4) Morning Stroll or Afternoon Amble - a gentle amble around the fields with our friendly llamas lasting around an hour and a half including a short introduction to the llamas and instruction on how to handle them. Morning strolls normally start at 10.30 am and afternoon ambles at 2.30 pm.

Cost: 60 for two people with two llamas.
           Extra person with extra llama 30, extra person sharing llama 15

5) Morning Coffee or Afternoon Tea Amble - a gentle amble as above, followed by a chance to watch the llamas from our Llama-lookout gazebo whilst enjoying a selection of pastries and cakes with hot drinks.

Cost: 75 for two people with two llamas
          Extra person with extra llama 35, extra person sharing llama 20

All walks must have a minimum of two people with two llamas as they are herd animals and don't like going out of their own, however single people are very welcome to join in on a walk when we have others coming out.

We regret that our walks and experiences are not suitable for:

Superb Bed and Breakfast accommodation can be arranged at the farm, where a warm welcome and hearty breakfast is assured. Again, it is worth booking well in advance, particularly in the summer months.