Meet Harry

Harry “The Hooligan” is a particularly cheeky chap who is full of personality and always up to mischief! One of our four rescue llamas, he came with his half-brother George from somebody who had been breeding llamas and had ended up with far too many on a limited area of land.

Harry was born on 3rd August 2011 and came to us in January 2013. His hobbies include chasing cats, stealing brushes from the grooming box, stealing people's hats, dismantling tractors and generally causing mayhem!

He, like Golly, loves to be the centre of attention, loves meeting people and strangely for a llama also loves a cuddle – so we are hoping that when he is a little older and (hopefully!) a little more sensible he will make a good Therapy Llama, visiting nursing homes, day centres and schools for children with additional needs. In the meantime he enjoys going out for walks and generally likes to be out in front – so that he is the first to spot anything interesting!


Harry Harry