Meet George

George is one of our four rescue llamas. He was born on 5th July 2011 and came to us with his half-brother Harry in January 2013 from somebody who had been breeding llamas and had ended up with far too many on a limited area of land. Because of this George was quite ill through having a high worm burden when he first arrived with us, but thanks to our very good vet thankfully made a full recovery.

George is a little more highly strung than Harry but is still very friendly. He enjoys going for walks but can be a little lively so at the moment only tends to walk with people who are used to handling large animals. He enjoys getting up to mischief with his brother Harry (particularly stealing brushes and dismantling the tractor!) and being a very inquisitive llama he also likes to climb up the hedge to keep an eye on who is coming down the drive!


George George