Meet Eric

Eric is one of our four rescue llamas. He and his friend Yani came to us at the end of 2009 after having been kept as “ornaments” in a field for around 6 years, after which it appears the owners sold the property, moved away and just left Eric and Yani in the field.

We are not sure of Eric's exact age but believe he was born sometime around 2003. Although he was left unhandled for around 6 years, Eric very quickly settled in with us and now thoroughly enjoys his walks. He is our smallest llama, but makes up for this by standing on the top of banks at every given opportunity – in fact there is even a bank at the top of one of the fields which we know call “Eric's Bank”.

Although not the sharpest tool in the box (he is easily confused!) Eric is a real sweetie and has lovely eyelashes which he likes to flutter at whoever is walking with him! He recently "starred" in an article in The Lady Magazine. (See our Media Coverage page for the full article).


Eric Eric