Meet Ollie

Ollie was born on 13th July 2005 and was bought from Llyndy Llamas in April 2007. Named after a town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru his full name is Ollantaytambo. He is a very well marked llama and was originally intended for breeding by his previous owner before she decided to emigrate to New Zealand.

Ollie is our most superior llama and is currently head of the herd - however he is also our most laid-back llama and is particularly good with children. and anybody with mobility issues. He really enjoys his walks but only really has one speed - dawdle!

Despite being best friends with Jonesy (our daftest llama!) Ollie is very intelligent and is currently learning to recognise colours - so far he knows blue, red and yellow, green and orange!


Ollie Ollie