Meet Jonesy

One of our original two pet llamas bought from Catanger Llamas in 2005, Jonesy (or Mr Jones as he is often called) was born in Wales on 25th August 2003 and was originally registered with the name Havannah. Due to his Welsh origins however he was renamed “Jonesy” by David Pryse of Catanger Llamas.

Jonesy is a slightly unfortunate combination of being rather highly strung and not overly bright - and is definitely our silliest llama! His hobbies include pulling silly faces at our visitors, rolling around in the field and staring at his reflection in the tack shed window – he seems convinced it is another llama but can't quite work out where it is!

Jonesy has been best friends with Ollie since the first day Ollie arrived with us in 2007 – they quite literally ran off into the sunset together!


Jonesy Jonesy