Meet Golly


Golly was born on 3rd December 2002 and was bought from Llyndy Llamas in April 2007, arriving on April Fool's Day which is quite appropriate for him as he has a highly developed sense of humour and is quite a joker! He is a very intelligent and friendly llama and absolutely loves to be the centre of attention – he loves to have his photo taken and particularly likes posing for “Selfies”(See our Customer Gallery page!)

Golly is quite unusual as he has one pale blue eye and one dark blue one but has normal vision. He is Guy's younger brother – not quite as opinionated as Guy but equally ruled by his stomach - he very much views our walks as buffets, stopping as often as he can get away with to have a munch on the hedges!

Golly really enjoys going out to community events where he can be the centre of attention– his favourite being the annual Exeter Nativity where he dresses up as a camel and gets to stand and be admired by all the congregation in Exeter Cathedral!


Golly Golly