Walking with Llamas on the Jurassic Coast

About Us

Peak Hill Llamas was set up in 2006 by Maggie Jee and partner, Paul .                

Maggie has a background in farming, has worked with a wide variety of animals over the past 25 years, and has always been fascinated by llamas. Whilst living in Guernsey she ran her own visitor attraction called "Petland" where children could take part in supervised animal activities. As well as now running Peak Hill Llamas she works part time at the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

Paul is a carpenter and enjoys helping with the llamas and coming out on walks with our guests at weekends. He is a keen photographer and a bit of a computer buff! He designed and maintains this website and provided most of the photographs. In his spare time he enjoys making walking sticks and has carved several llama sticks.

We are based on a 330 acre beef and sheep farm just outside Sidmouth, on the Jurassic Coast.

View across farm
Maggie with Rufus and Jonesy

We purchased our first two llamas, Rufus and Jonesy, in November 2005 from Catanger Llamas in Northamptonshire, but, just over a year later having being bitten firmly by the “llama bug” we heard of six trekking llamas for sale and couldn’t resist! So in April 2007 we were joined by Ben, Blitzen, Golly, Ollie, Guy and Mac from Llyndy Llamas in Dorset whose owner was emigrating to New Zealand.

Our six new llamas Blitzen being friendly

All our llamas are all extremely friendly and easy to handle. We use gentle handling techniques based on the principles of  Camelidynamics - a system devised by Marty McGee-Bennett to train and handle llamas with kindness and respect. We also use “operant conditioning” - also known as clicker training, having been inspired by the wonderful work of Terry Crowfoot who has used the system to train her llamas to do some incredible things including ringing bells and picking up litter! To see this for yourself please go to www.llama-training.co.uk